Business Growth

In the saturated online space, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot if you build a website that ends up doing poorly in Google’s search rankings. Your business takes up a tiny space on the web and becomes visible only when you make extra effort to get your brand seen by customers. Google will only allow you do this when your website proves its worth by conforming to their web quality guidelines. Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines Every year, Google contracts [...]

The Which? Consumer Association is a registered British founded charity, first established in 1957. The company enlists the help of over 550,000 subscribers. These members help to review and assess the safety, proficiency and overall quality of a range of products, services and business trades. For those in the construction and interior design trades, the companies that invest their time to seek and attain the Which? seal of approval will have a great reputation across the trade industry. The process to [...]

An owner of a small business knows it’s vital to take steps to make his or her company work financially. From using the latest marketing techniques to make an enterprise stand out among a crowd of competing businesses, to being engaged with the most lucrative opportunities to ensure an owner’s personal future, there are various forms of investment that can be worthwhile over the course of a career as a business owner. While it’s not difficult to start your own [...]

As the former Regional Chairman of the British Franchise Association, Joel Bissitt founded Infinity Business Growth Network in order to use decades worth of experience in small business advisement and franchise consultancy  to help small business owners and entrepreneurs in meeting their business targets.  Though based in Sussex, Infinity Business Growth Network is helping thousands of businesses all across the UK achieve their goals through solid business advice, guidance, constructive planning, and honest feedback without all the complicated jargon. Local [...]

As the world becomes more connected, failing to get your business in line with the latest developments can prove a costly error, with many other suitors likely waiting in the wings to snap up an audience you could have had but just couldn’t reach out to. With the prevalence of tools now available right at your fingertips, it is getting progressively easier to reach international audiences. With content, language is obviously an excellent place to start. Compared to non-English speakers, [...]

Charity volunteering has always been at the hearts of many people in UK. However, due to the increasing pressure from commitments, sometimes we find it hard to volunteer as much as we would like. Every organization usually has corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets that they hope to achieve at the end of each year. Spending a few hours volunteering at a local hospital or a food bank can serve many advantageous not only to an individual but to the [...]