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The relationship between sales transactions and record-keeping has always been a crucial one in the hospitality industry and it remains the same till date. From restaurants marrying back-end and front-end activities to hotels that need to integrate billable amenities, the point of sale or POS environment is important if they must operate successfully. Evolution of POS in the hospitality industry From the late 19th century when the first cash register was invented to the early eighties, businesses in the hospitality sector [...]

Every employer is tasked with the responsibility of providing an ideally healthy and safe environment for their staff. Whether you run a factory, an office facility or even a beauty salon, it is important to abide by the industry best practices for the health and safety of your workers. The UK’s Health and Safety Work Act (HSWA) of 1974 states that the Health and Safety Executive with (local authorities) are responsible for enforcing the Act (and many other related Acts), [...]

Safety in the workplace is an extremely important matter in all different professions, but it’s not often one that gets employees excited. “Many employers are on the lookout for ways to make this topic more fun and inspiring.” states Health and Safety expert, Shannon Mills, from So we’ve listed five simple ways for you to turn safety training into less of a drag while ensuring that your employees are taking in all the important information. Try and be concise As [...]

What is CMS? A content management system is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. What CMS systems are out there? Some popular content management systems include Joomla, Drupal and SharePoint.  This infographic will take you through the benefits that you must know about CMS, if you are thinking about implementing it into your business. There are some great advantages on using CMS, these are listed down on this very educational infographic. Please take a look [...]

Wolverine, Iron man, Spiderman and the Hulk all working in a warehouse? Who says miracles don’t happen. If you own a warehouse you probably know how hard it can be to find the right employees as it is not an easy job for anyone to do and it can sometimes be quite physical. Imagine if your whole workforce was entirely made up of superheroes how much easier would life be. Now you can, PeopleVox have created this infographic to [...]

You may have been hearing a lot of noise about FinTech.  However, if you are finding yourself scratching your head, and asking what is FinTech, then this guide is exactly what you need.  What does FinTech stand for? FinTech’s definition is financial technology, which provides an easy way to distribute technology, which is used in the financial sector. “This could help in areas such as mobile phone payment, money transfers, loans and even help with asset management.” states business expert John Green [...]

Incorporating Vastu Shastra into Your Home after Your Trip to India On your last trip to India, you might have made a stop at the all too popular architectural magnificence that is the Taj Mahal. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the impossibly beautiful rose and orange shades in the sky as the sun set. If you are that big on architecture, you might have stopped at the city of Chandigarh where architecture master, Le Corbusier, planned [...]

Collecting employee data has never been more important to employers. In a security-conscious culture, it’s an important part of the vetting process, which can be ongoing as promotions enable access to more sensitive company data. HR needs data to manage equalities monitoring and to keep track of any special employee support needs. But data leaks can place employees at risk, and in this age of cyber warfare, that’s an ever-increasing problem. In making data more secure, it is first [...]

Any business owner or manager will know that taking care of a business’s most important asset – its valuable employees – needs to be right at the top of the agenda. Every company in every industry faces its own unique problems and challenges in promoting a safety culture, but for people working either wholly or partially outdoors, there is a whole new set of considerations to bear in mind. Those working outside are in an environment that contains more unknown [...]

Across the UK, there has been an increase in the number of compensation claims made against Travel companies over the last year.  Experts say this is as result of the fact that more holidaymakers are looking to get more value for money especially in the wake of the Post-Brexit economy. The claims made vary between travellers seeking compensation for holidays that didn’t meet expected standards, to illnesses and injuries sustained while abroad. Insurance claims are equally on the up.  In the [...]