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How to maximise your IT systems in the workplace

The age-old saying ‘time is money’ hits hard when it comes to running a business. And, when it comes... read more

Examining the Most Common OSHA Violations and How to Avoid Them

OSHA violations, in the popular mind, are a damning indictment of the company, a scarlet letter that indicates that... read more

Five Easy Ways to Make Safety Training Engaging and Effective

Safety in the workplace is an extremely important matter in all different professions, but it’s not often one that... read more

Health And Safety For Outdoor Workers

Any business owner or manager will know that taking care of a business’s most important asset – its valuable... read more

Business Growth

Why Should You Implement HR Software?

If your business is subject to quick growth, or you are simply looking for a way to stay organised and on top of employees, then implementing a HR (human resource) software is a very worthwhile step to take in... Read More

HSE: Reducing The Risk Of Liabilities And Boosting Benefits For Your Business

Industries are developing new ways to create better work conditions. One of the key aspects of responsible operations that industry authorities are continuously improving is Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management. With the level of attention directed toward protecting... Read More

Thinking of Getting a POS Machine for Your Hospitality Business? Get an EPOS Solution Instead!

The relationship between sales transactions and record-keeping has always been a crucial one in the hospitality industry and it remains the same till date. From restaurants marrying back-end and front-end activities to hotels that need to integrate billable amenities,... Read More


How To Deal With Accidents As An Employer

With the Health Safety and Environment(HSE), traveling while driving a vehicle and relative activities is one most risky work that all of us will carry out every day. However,... read more

What Type of Manager are You: Princess, a Parent or a Politician?

As we went through our worker’s agreement contract, when it involves improving health and protection output, many of the employers realize that the employee’s commitment is the key to... read more

Benefits of Using Twitter for Workplace Health and Safety Management

ocial media has become part and parcel of us right now and we can only try as much as possible to tap its benefit in the management of our... read more

Latest News

Have You Been Injured and it Wasn’t Your Fault?

None of us leave home expecting to be injured in an accident that was not your fault, but it... Read More

Farm Inspectors Aim To Reduce Falls From Height

The Health and Safety (HSE) farm inspection initiative designed to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on farms... Read More

How to maximise your IT systems in the workplace

The age-old saying ‘time is money’ hits hard when it comes to running a business. And, when it comes... Read More

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